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Light Horse Interchange Business Hub, Lot 7

Project Overview

We are working with Charter Hall to seek community input on a proposed industrial development at Lot 7 Eastern Creek Drive, Eastern Creek, within the Light Horse Business Hub.

We would like to hear from the local community about what they think is important to consider during the design process, so that their views are considered as the development is designed.


The development is an evolution on a previously approved concept proposal (SSDA 9667) for up to 165,500m2 of gross floor area for industrial, warehouse and distribution centres. The current proposal (SSD 34991713) relates to Lot 7 and the construction of a warehouse or distribution centre development including:

  • Maximum building height of 15m
  • 41,840m2 Warehouse
  • 985m2 Ancillary office (2 storey)
  • 2 x Dock office: 48m2 and 47m2
  • Provisional office 390m2 (2 storey)
  • On-site parking will be provided for 206 vehicles
  • 24/7 operations.

Once established, the industrial business hub could accommodate a range of land use activities including advanced manufacturing, freight and logistics and warehouse and distribution facilities. No manufacturing as part of the use. The development would deliver a substantial economic investment in Western Sydney, providing essential business infrastructure and employment opportunities.

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