242-244 Beecroft Road, Epping

Project Overview

We are seeking community input on a proposed mixed use development at 242-244 Beecroft Road, Epping.

The development is an evolution on a previously approved concept proposal (SSD 8784). The 5-star Green Design building would contain 372 residential apartments over 37,599 square meters and include communal amenities to promote health and wellbeing. It also includes outdoor landscaped areas and a publicly accessible pedestrian link, improving local connectivity.

Comparison of previously approved concept and this proposal


Approved concept

This proposal


47 apartments

0 apartments

1 bedroom

104 apartments

 72 apartments

2 bedroom

221 apartments

 183 apartments

3 bedroom

60 apartments

 117 apartments


432 apartments

372 apartments




Residential area (gross)

37,700 sqm

37,599 sqm

Non-residential area (gross)

750-1,000 sqm

931 sqm




Car parking


366 spaces

(incl. 10 electric)

Bicycle parking


375 spaces

41 visitor spaces

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